About Me

My Background

I have worked in private equity for over five years, developing and executing business strategies, which included building up and growing young startup companies in the real estate sector. In early 2012 I left the financial industry to work with exciting companies from a variety of sectors to help them succeed in the business side of their ventures.

Why Focus on Empathy?

Through my work and through research I noticed a very common success factor across different areas of a business: empathy. As I noticed how often this aspect is overlooked and not recognised as a driver of business success, I decided to build a consultancy which delivers products and services with empathy at their centre.

My approach is more than just consulting

For me, all parts of a business are strongly interconnected, something every business decision has to take into account – therefore consulting solutions need to reflect this holistic understanding of an organisation. Moreover, working with me will not only produce immediate tangible results for your business but also train you and your team in accomplishing those tasks going forward yourselves.

My skill set

My technical skills include:

  • Business analysis
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Financial modeling
  • Presentation building
  • Sales / Investor pitch development

All of these skills I have developed to a high level of proficiency. In addition I have also developed a strong understanding of the customer and investor mindset to ensure that a product or funding pitch appeals both on a rational and emotional level.

Why me?

I am more than just a service provider: if you trust me with your project, your goals become my goals. I absolutely love what I do and am very passionate about my work. You will find this passion to be reflected in the quality of my work and my dedication to our project at all times.