Relationship Counselling – Getting the Entrepreneurship / Developer Marriage to Sizzle!

Today I have come across a really great blog post which lists a big number of questions a developer should ask an entrepreneur:

Without wanting to add anything to that extensive list, I do think it is not only something developers should ask their clients to get a better idea of what they are trying to do, but also a good check list for entrepreneurs before even starting to speak to any developers!

Having done this in advance will give you the following benefits:

  • You have made sure you know what you are talking about (in detail!)
  • You can make a better selection of who to speak to based on how well their skill set fits your needs
  • You come across as more knowledgable (never a bad thing)
  • You will waste less time – yours and your developer’s!

All these points will help you building a better relationship with your programmer as they will feel that you made the effort of preparing properly, which also increases the perceived value of your project – a well prepared project is more likely to succeed than just a flimsy idea, and nobody likes to work on those! 

Of course this is not the whole story – for example, you may want to learn some very basic tech vocabulary so you don’t need an interpreter for your meeting – but it is a very good start.


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