“Writing a business plan is such a huge task – I don’t even know where to start!”

“I know our costs and have some idea of our funding needs – but how do I know how long our cash will last?”

“Our product features are great – but our potential customers don’t seem to get it! Why is that?”

“We need to raise capital but how do we convince an investor that we deserve their trust?”

“Somehow our designers and our marketing guys do not seem to understand each other at all – do we need to hire an interpreter?”

If any of the above sound familiar, business coaching can help you.

There are a number of key business areas and activities which often challenge companies and their teams and, if not addressed properly, pose a threat to their success. Your company may be great at developing a cutting-edge product – but without the ability to raise funding for it or even convince potential customers of its benefits the startup may not succeed.

Many companies do not have the resources to carry out all these activities themselves, and my role as business consultant is to help you remain focused on doing what you are best at and support you in building your business around your product.

My job consists not only of producing work for you, but to make you part of the process to enhance your skills going forward.

Since March 2013 I have worked for Adzuna, a leading UK startup.